Unrivaled backhaul performance
in the most challenging environments

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Our nextgen NLOS backhaul solutions deliver industry-leading performance with the key features operators require for large scale deployments

High Capacity

Up to 900 Mbps capacity per link

Low Latency

Sub 1 ms latency

Carrier Aggregation

Aggregation of licensed and unlicensed channels, giving operators the greatest capacity and spectrum flexibility

Interference Management

Robust airlink, network synchronization, dynamic interference avoidance and F-TDD support maximize potential of unlicensed spectrum

Dynamic TDD

Downlink-uplink ratio optimized dynamically based on utilization


AES 256 encryption with automatic secure key distribution


GPS and 1588v2 for MAX4G timing, as well as support for 1588v2 Transparent Clock and SyncE for downstream elements

Management Tools

MAX4G tools for speedy installation and simple management

Industry-leading NLoS performance with
up to 900 Mbps capacity and sub 1 ms latency



MAX4G is a leader in NLOS connectivity solutions for small cell backhaul, fiber extension and enterprise connectivity. Our products give operators unprecedented flexibility in bringing high performance network access to areas where fiber and microwave are neither practical nor feasible.

M4-2000 NLOS Backhaul Solution

The M4-2000 is a carrier-grade, non-line-of-sight, point-to-point, wireless backhaul solution designed to deliver uncompromising performance, even in the most challenging environments.

The M4-2000 is compact, cost effective, and easy to install. With the bundled MAX4G tools, carriers and enterprise customers alike can deploy and manage wireless backhaul to locations that were previously unserviceable in record time.

In addition to small cell backhaul, MAX4G’s M4-2000 excels in other applications where fiber is not feasible, but high performance is required, including fiber extension, enterprise connectivity and public safety.

Key Specs

Physical Configuration All-outdoor unit with with integrated antenna
Architecture Point-to-Point (PtP)
Radio Configuration Unit configured with 1 or 2 internal radio modules
Carrier Aggregation Supported for licensed and unlicensed channels
Frequencies Supported 5.x GHz, 2.6 GHz and 3.x GHz (available Q3 2016)
Capacity Up to 900 Mbps
Latency Sub 1ms (TDD)